Previous Education Lessons

The following SCFCL Education Lessons and Programs are available for you to download.

A “Homemade” Christmas 2013
As We Grow Older: Wills, Rights of Survivorship etc. 2018
Basic Information Before Leaving Earth – Documents for Your Personal Life 2012
Basic “Social Media” 2019
Becoming A FCL – 4-H Mentor 2014
Chair Exercises for Seniors, 2023
Chair Exercises For Seniors 2014
Downsizing your Home 2021
Encouraging Literacy by Building Better Readers 2011
Family Emergency Preparedness 2018
How To Make New From Old 2014
Important Documents 2020
Learn to Identify Phone Scams, 2023
Making Connections with Facebook 2011
Kids can Jam! Having Fun in Your Kitchen 2013
Mean What you Say – Say What You Mean: Guide to Intergenerational Communication 2011
Money Smarts . . Managing and Saving Your Money 2012
Services And Organizations For The Senior Citizens 2015
Steps Through the Probate Process, 2023
The Subject No One Wants to Talk About – Funerals 2012
Turning Clutter Into Cash 2016
What’s in Your Wallet? 2020
Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? – Basic Genealogy 2012
Working Together – FCL Members and Youth, 2023
Youth Financial Fitness: Setting Goals And Managing Income 2015

Asbestos  2014
Attracting and Not Destroying Bees in Our Yard 2018
Balance and Coordination 2024
Bathroom Safety 2012
“Begonias in the Birdbath” – A Creative Guide to Unusual Containers 2011
Biting Pests Around Homes 2015
Declutter Clutter 2019
Designing Healthy Food Environments So The Healthy Choice Is The Easy Choice 2017
Easy Floral Design – Using Yard and Roadside Plant 2018
Environmental Safety And Hazards 2014
Financial Stress 2021
Food Damage In The House – How To Clean Up And Make The Environment Safe 2017
Foodborne Illnesses 2015
Fun in the Sun-Protect Yourself,   “Recognizing Skin Cancer” 2019
Gardening to Feed the Body and the Soul 2012
Growing Hydrangeas in South Carolina 2013
Guidelines for Successful Container Vegetable Gardening – HGIC Repeat from 2011, 2023
Guidelines for Successful Container Vegetable Gardening 2011
Have you been Targeted for an Email Phishing Scam?, 2023
Healthy Living As We Age 2017
Hidden Treasurers in the Gardens of South Carolina 2024
Homemade Household Cleaners 2017
Honey Bees And Beekeeping 2016
How to Mobilize Your Community’s Health and Handout 2013
How To Propagate Plants 2016
How To Prune Crape Myrtles 2017
Hydrating:  How and When to do it 2021
Keeping Families Active: Getting the Most out of Family Activities 2011
Lead 2014
Let’s Keep Our Bees Buzzing 2023
Less Toxic Insecticides 2012
Living with Diabetes 2018
Mosquito Control:  Reducing Breeding Sites 2017
MY Needs, SHARED Water 2013
Native Plants in the Home Landscape 2013
Physical Activity and Older Adults, Exercise and Physical Activity Getting Fit For Life Handout and  Promoting Pollinators 2015
Preparation for Spring Herb Garden 2024
Proper Handwashing and Sanitizing (including Homemade hand sanitizer) 2021
Recognizing a Heart Attack and Using an AED 2019
Shedding Light on Home Energy Savings 2012
Signs of a Stroke 2018
Strategies For Relieving Stress 2016
The Basics of Raised Bed Gardening 2020
Tips For Controlling Nuisance Wildlife 2017
Understanding Breast Cancer 2020
Understanding High Blood Pressure 2020
Understanding Opioids 2020
Use Caution With Dietary Supplements 2017

A Few Simple Things Seniors Can Do To Improve Their Health 2015
All About Air Fryers with Handout 2024
Beans on the Menu 2021
Cooking For One Or Two 2012
Cooking for One or Two People 2018
Cooking with Herbs 2020
Cooking Without a Recipe – Make A Healthy Snack 2018
Current Day Canning 2011
Cutting the Calories in Your Favorite Recipes 2013
Diabetic Menus 2019
Don’t Get Bugged – Food Safety for Seniors 2011
Drying Foods:  Why And How It Works 2017
Eating Healthy with Diabetes 2024
Eating The Rainbow 2014
Electric Pressure Cooker 2021
Feeding Groups At Church 2014
Food Waste 2017
Foods For Christmas 2014
Foods to Lower Cholesterol & Blood Pressure: Cutting Out the “White Stuff” 2011
Food Myth–Veggies And Fruits From A Can Are Bad For You 2016
Freezer Jams – The Easy Way to Enjoy Local Fruits All Year 2018
Gluten Intolerance And Celiac Disease 2014
Goal Setting? One Bite at a Time 2020
Growing Tomatoes In Containers 2016
Healthy Eating When Dining Out 2016
Healthy Snacking/Eating With Fresh Fruits And Vegetables 2015
Healthy Weight Loss, 2023
How Long to Keep It – Proper Food Storage, 2023
Low Cost & Healthy Summertime Meals 2020
Microwave Mug Muffins and Cakes 2020
Plant-Based Diet 2024
Potatoes:  Yes, They Are Healthy! 2017
Put It Up! A Food Preservation Curriculum For Youth 2015
Rethink Your Drink 2011
Revising Your Recipes for Health …. And How to Make Your Spaghetti Extra Nutritious! 2018
Rice – From the Kernel to the Table 2019
Sourdough Starter:  More Than Just for Bread 2024
South Carolina Food Products 2018
Southern Barbeque 2014
Tasty, Safe Food Enjoyed in the Out-of-Doors 2012
Turkey Talk 2019
Understanding the “New” Nutrition Facts Label, 2023
Ways With Leftovers 2013
What’s Hot in Health Foods 2013

All About ACWW, CWC and NVON 2013
Are you ready to turn your hobby or dream into a business? 2011
Buy Local: How to React to Big Box Competition 2011
Day Tripping In South Carolina 2016
Easy Ideas For Making Door Prizes 2016
Gullah Geechee Cultural Corridor 2014
Heritage Roses – The South Carolina Rose 2015
How to Find a Great Club Project 2013
Knitting – Bias Dish Cloth 2018
Large, Successful Projects Conducted By Volunteers 2015
Making & Selling Food in South Carolina 2021
Membership Records Made Easy 2013
Native Plants, Critters & Insects 2014
Safety in Your Home and Around Town 2020
Scams Need to Scram 2019
SCFCL Award Books & the Seven Forms Used for Judging 2012
Songs of Christmas 2019
Surviving an Active Shooter Event – Avoid, Deny, Defend 2022
What to do if …. Active Shooter 2019
When You Don’t Have “Time” To Spare – (Parliamentary Procedure) 2015
With These Hands – Heritage Skills 2012
Yard of the Month! How to have a beautiful yard without spending a dime 2018

Plus Information on the Guardian Ad Litem Info in South Carolina 2016