2024 Education Lessons

All About Air Fryers with Handout
Balance and Coordination
Eating Healthy with Diabetes
Hidden Treasurers in the Gardens of South Carolina
Plant-Based Diet
Preparation for Spring Herb Garden
Sourdough Starter:  More Than Just for Bread


BEE-Cause Pollinators Feed the World

The 2022-2024 Project in Common, “BEE-CAUSE Pollinators Feed the World” objective is to educate and inform members about the importance of pollinators and how we can be better stewards of the pollinators’ role in the world’s food supply chain. SCFCL can make a major impact with education and implementation of workshops, home gardens, flower beds and LOTS of other areas to help make members and others aware of the crisis with pollinators. SCFCL members may not Bee pollinators but can Bee a voice on their Beehalf.

Pollinator Garden Project videos can be viewed on the SCFCL.com website.  Click on Resources then Pollinator Garden Project.

Additional resources can be located at https://www.nvon.org/bee-cause-pollinators-feed-the-world

7 Things You Can Do For Pollinators

BEE-Cause Pollinators Feed the World State Project Form  Due May 24 and September 6

Printable list of 2024 Lessons and Project